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Bert Pictures was founded in 2012 out of pure love, devotion and veracious commitment for the Film and Media industry in Singapore. The company is led by a bunch of eager beavers who chanced upon themselves through the same passion, film.

Our Story

Headquartered in Singapore with a subsidiary in Indonesia, Bert Pictures invests, creates and produces content for feature films, as well as in the commercial and digital space - locally and regionally. With over 13 feature films in the hands of these eager beavers, they scaled to Indonesia and has plans to set up shop in Vietnam because content is king. Also, it makes the world a better place.

Our Services

Films - We develop, produce and invest in both fiction and non-fiction films - from short to feature length films.

TV and Commercials - We create and produce advertisements and broadcast programs - locally and internationally.

Still Photography - We represent photographers for commercial projects and campaigns.

Digital Content - We work with clients, artistes and social media influencers to develop and create digital content for online media.

Production Support - We provide all aspects of production support for our clients and collaborators.



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Djinn Webber, NYC
+1 212 555 1234


Agent d'Artiste
Renée Carrénard, Paris
+33 (0) 55 5555 0678


Nameless Rep
Gordon Fan, Hong Kong
+852 1234 5678



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