Latest Films

We develop, produce and invest in both fiction and non-fiction films - from short to feature-length films.


Tiong Bahru Social Club, 2019

Dir: Tan Bee Thiam

A comedy drama coming soon in the local Singapore theatres in 2019.


Ghen, 2019

Dir: Thanh Vinh Nguyen

A comedy coming soon to you in the Vietnamese theatres in 2019.


Mama Mama Jagaon, 2018

Dir: Sidi Saleh

A comedy drama about a newly-widowed woman in her twilight years who decides to go to Bali with her two best friends in search for long lost son.


Buffalo Boys, 2018

Dir: Mike Wiluan

Two brothers named Jamar and Suwo came back to the land of Java to avenge their father, who was a Sultan, after years of exile in America.

Past Films


Ramen Shop, 2018

Dir: Eric Khoo

A young man who is curious about his deceased parents' past takes a food journey to Singapore where he uncovers more than just delicious meals.


Wonder Boy, 2017

Dir: Dick Lee, Daniel Yam

An autobiographical film, it stars Benjamin Kheng as a younger version of Lee.


In The Room, 2016

Dir: Eric Khoo

A single-room brothel in Singapore is witness to six intertwining stories spanning across six decades.


3668, 2015

Dir: Royston Tan

A 38-year-old parking attendant, locally known as “summon auntie”, dreams of becoming a singer.


1965, 2015

Dir: Randy Ang, Daniel Yun

A dramatic thriller inspired on a part of Singapore's history, telling stories of how a divided group of people saw their lives transformed by a defining moment in history.


Time is Money, 2015

Dir: Chin-Jung Kang

Addicted to gambling, a rich man’s son loses everything his father has passed down to him, infuriating the old man.


Bring Back The Dead, 2015

Dir: Lee Thean-jeen

When her seven-year-old son dies in a tragic road accident, a grieving mother seeks the help of her former caregiver to bring back his soul so he can be always 'by her side.'


Wayang Boy, 2014

Dir: Raymond Tan

Raja, an 8-year-old Indian immigrant, joins his school's Wayang troupe. During the difficult casting process, the performers learn how to live together as a united group.


Afterimages, 2014

Dir: Tony Kern

A collection of horror films appear in the ashes after a group of artists burn cameras as offerings to the dead.


Judgment Day, 2013

Dir: Ong Kuo Sin

In 72 hours a meteor will collide with Earth and annihilate mankind. Singapore's government tells its citizens to let loose for once and do as they please.


Ghost Child, 2013

Dir: Gilbert Chan

A widower brings home a woman one day and announces his decision to marry her. A series of mysterious and terrifying incidents start to occur at the family home after their return.


Television Series

Food Lore

Food Lore is an anthology series for HBO Asia which features eight episodes, eight directors, each set in a different Asian country with a different story.

Created by acclaimed Singaporean filmmaker Eric Khoo, the stories will span the genres of comedy and drama.

Coming soon in 2019.



We work with regional and local directors. Our clients include Singapore Government Agencies such as NEA and MCI, and Corporates like Levi’s, Honda, Mitsubishi, Diner’s Club, Citibank, NAB, JEEP, iSelect etc.